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Marketing and promoting your parking


Cross sell and upsell

With AeroParker you will be able to cross-sell other products in a single purchase such as lounges, fast track security, rental cars, holidays and flights. The initial purchase does not have to include parking as each ancillary can be sold stand-alone to which parking can be added. Upselling can be strategically implemented via a simple set of rules with in AeroParker’s admin.

A complete promotional code engine

You may want to offer incentives to customers through promotional codes such as distributing special discounts on certain products. AeroParker allows you to do this all from within the admin of the system. You can cap your exposure and set different conditions against each promo code which means less codes in circulation and you always know what your redemption status is.

CRM and email marketing

The AeroParker platform can support email marketing campaigns you might want to initiate to help drive sales. You can send bespoke or triggered emails from within AeroParker with your own templates. Or we can integrate with a CRM system of your choice and pass data between the two systems. Either way, you are in control of your own data.

Own Google page 1 for your search terms

You may have parking competition off-site so it is important that you are highly visible in natural searches that passengers will be making online for parking at your airport. AeroParker is fully optimised from an SEO perspective to give your parking high visibility in searches. You can even spawn a parking sub brand at no extra cost to help with your search engine presence.