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Future Proof Technology

Road map

Innovation is extremely important to ensure AeroParker is a future proof platform. That is why AeroParker is supported with a significant R&D budget enabling us to seek out new ideas for functionality to add to the core AeroParker system. AeroParker has a development road map for the next 5 years that will mean it is always at the forefront of any airport's needs. We are happy to share this road map with you and even discuss how you might add it to or indeed benefit from bringing scheduled functionality forward at your specific request.

Scalable and robust architecture

AeroParker is SaaS. It is hosted in the AWS Cloud. It handles millions of transactions per year so don’t worry about scale or robustness or load balancing. We’ve taken care of that. Incorporating market leading page response times including on mobile, means minimal page abandonment mid transaction.

Technical Support

AeroParker comes with 24/7/365 support and we work to our own demanding SLA. You will have access directly to the tech. team who know your instance of AeroParker inside out via an on call expert engineer. We also proactively monitor your AeroParker plus any 3rd party integrations you may have.


AeroParker is PCI DSS Level 1 compliant. Our AOC is available on request. Our data protection policies mean that your data is managed in the most secure fashion compliant with prevailing international, continental and national privacy and data protection laws.

More Technical Information

AeroParker integrates with any barrier system via the internet. AeroParker works with any method of entry into a car park. AeroParker integrates with any Payment Service Provider. Now that all sounds very simple. And using it is. There is, however, 17 years of product development built into AeroParker so if you want to know more detail about the technology to AeroParker then contact us today.