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Increase Revenue

AeroParker is low risk, proven, easy to use, simple to integrate and provides your customers with a "Best of Breed" online ecommerce experience via which they can buy your car parking and ancillary products.

Offering more than just an airport car park pre-booking platform, airports can also benefit from incremental revenue driven from a wide variety of airport-owned or third party ancillaries. Our "Virtual Terminal" multi-purchase feature allows clients to sell any product that is available in Terminal without the need to buy parking as well, such as lounges, fast track security, car valeting, spa experiences to name but a few.

Using AeroParker's API airports can also facilitate products at the passenger's destination to be sold in the same basket as their own products before the passenger has arrived at the airport. 

PCI compliant, and regularly tested to improve conversion of the live booking process, AeroParker guarantee’s convenience, conversion and a better customer experience.

AeroParker integrates with the following systems.

  • Skidata
  • Scheidt & Bachmann
  • ACS
  • Designa
  • Zeag
  • T2
  • HUB